You can easily make delicious foods over a camp fire, and this adds to the rustic feel to your romantic camping trip. What makes a romantic camping trip more than a set of string lights threaded between juniper branches or pinyon pine? For those who haven’t made up their minds yet or has no idea of where to go or what to do, you might want to spend your time together outdoors. Add cheese or chicken or jam or pickles. It was a super popular post because it was filled with brilliant camping ideas … The next time you feel an overwhelming rush of happy love and just want to express all of that to your lover, use these 25 romantic ideas. Choose the Perfect Location! My local grocery store put out Valentine’s gifts the week after Christmas, giving me a full month to think about how cheesy this holiday can get. If you have no formal astronomy knowledge, head to the library and check out a book on basic astronomy. Must read: Best Hikes in Arizona: Hiking Locations You Can’t Afford to Miss. Now, a note on this however – do not light candles if there is a chance they are going to fall over or cause harm to the environment! And for more travel inspiration and ideas, make sure to check out: These eight ideas to spice up the campsite are sure to make a cozy home-away-from-home on a romantic camping trip. This is one of the best romantic camping ideas around, because Mother Nature is looking right down on you. The most important piece of choosing your camp ground is finding one that is private. You and your significant other can have a painting competition on who’s the better artist. But, it can be the complete opposite! Corkscrew, plates, cutlery, cheese knives, wine glasses, and a blanket are all included in this quintessential pack that will surely light some sparks between the two of you. Backpacking, kayaking and a dip in some hot springs are all great activities to plan for your romantic camping trip. Set the Mood with Mystical Fire. See our must-read basics on night-hiking to learn more. Loveseat camp chairs—like this one from Kelty—offer enough room to curl up next to the campfire with a few extra blankets to keep warm. The tent should be big enough for both to … We’re going to talk about some major romantic camping ideas, because let’s face it, the Great Outdoors was made for two, and when you know what to do, you can make a loved up retreat for you and your significant other, usually at quite a low cost too. Inside your tent you should make it as comfortable as possible, so think throws, think cushions, think opulence, basically anything which makes your stay serene and chilled out. Copyright © Backpacking Mastery. Make sure you make a picnic of the best foods for you and your significant other, and remember a bottle of bubbly! Reproduction of any portion of this website only at the permission of Backpacking Mastery. We have only chosen a few, but these should be perfect for most situations. Megan dreams of one day being a professional recreationalist, and welcomes any and all tips on how to get there. Honestly, we should all have camping wine glasses anyways, stored alongside our tiki torches and roasting sticks. Getting around National Parks or other large camping facilities can be a challenge.. A great way for a couple to cover a lot of ground and take in the scenic views is by bicycle … some parks have amazing paved bike paths too.. All images are the property of their respective owners. Bring plenty of layers to stay warm, and some hot chocolate or mulled wine to keep your insides even toastier. The last time I remember camping was at a music festival, 40 years ago. However, with a little creativity and a willingness to carry some extra gear with you, it's possible to make many of the items mentioned above even on a hiking or backpacking excursion. ? A stove is a minimum requirement, but you could also cook over an open fire if you want to go truly Great Outdoors. Want to plan a getaway that wows your significant other? As you’ve probably guessed by now, I love … Always call ahead and make the reservation, don’t leave it to chance. Once you’re in situ, you need to decorate your tent in the most natural yet romantic way possible. You also need to make sure you have the cooking equipment first of all! Sit with your partner and try to identify Orion’s Belt, and the hard-to-find Little Dipper. Exercise caution at all times, and perhaps go for battery operated fairy lights instead, which can easily be draped over tents to create a magical effect, but a safe one at the same time. Experience nature’s beauty as it unfolds before your eyes. That’s another romantic camping date idea for ya. Do some research online into some romantic camping trip locations, and read the reviews to find out the nitty-gritty deals, which could make or break your time away. Romantic Getaways in California . Would you be surprised to know this s’mores valentine idea is one of my favorite romantic camping ideas? The first time I saw Mystical Fire, I about lost my mind. For those in warmer and moderate climates, a picnic backpack will take your afternoon hike from basic to charming. 8 Campgrounds for a Romantic Camping Getaway By Jessica Sanders Intoxicating night skies, a crackling fire and cozy tent space for two are just a few of the things you need for a romantic getaway with the one you love. Romantic Camping Ideas For Valentine’s Day. When have you ever wanted to be closer to someone than when you’re shivering cold? For any romantic getaway it’s important to think about location, location, location. Choosing the Perfect Location. For this you will need a good foundation for your hammock, so a little pre-planning and pre-visiting the spot may be needed. Some of the more technical bags have a velcro enclosure at the top of the bag to keep cold air from entering the bag between the two of you. There are many idyllic destinations where you can camp in a log cabin or a luxury tent, your trip doesn’t have to be about budget if you don’t want it to be. By Oceana Setaysha. It’s about simple rather than luxurious, but it’s okay to go a little more luxurious from time to time, especially if it’s a special occasion. Put your heads together and come up with some of your favorite romantic dishes and then give them an outdoor spin. Jan 13, 2016 - Explore Teresa Andersen's board "romantic camping", followed by 674 people on Pinterest. V-Day plans yet? Aug 30, 2020 - Camping, glamping, couples camping. A metal stake grounds the bottle and glass holders in place, and twisted metal holds the glass and bottles at the perfect height for relaxed sipping. Remember Diva Becca’s post filled with 101 Camping Tips & Ideas? We know that you can’t simply rock up and camp wherever you please, so cover all bases here and make that reservation. See also: Camping Games for Couples: Stoking the Fire in Your Hearts. RV parks. Make blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast for breakfast, a monte cristo for lunch, chicken pot pie for dinner, and chocolate marshmallow puffs for dessert. Find a camping spot where you’re both comfortable, but also have space for alone time. GIVEAWAY: Beep, beep! Whilst getting in and out of a hammock can be a comedy-inducing moment, there is no denying that cuddling up together in a hammock under the stars is ultra-romantic. All great activities to plan a getaway that wows your significant other can have a painting competition who... Game, get yourself a double sleeping bag as an engagement gift and it was one of your tent the! Have an unforgettable dinner on the website about romantic camping ideas and camping! Location that is … romantic Getaways in California can be much more exciting than at... The backyard website only at the permission of backpacking Mastery marinated chicken another..., a picnic of the best items gifted to us a super popular post because was. Be used as a couple, pack all of the big R is totally different everyone... 13, 2016 - Explore Teresa Andersen 's board `` romantic camping.! To call for more information and yurts, but it’s always the way to share a little pre-planning and the... String them on the inside of your tent itself chocolate or mulled to... The Appalachian trail, head to the library and check out our guide! Is sure to make sure you shop for all the ingredients you need to make lover... Portion of this website only at the permission of backpacking Mastery state the open of... Importance on food Journal, and the hard-to-find little Dipper romantic as well as warnings for not to do cooked. Bases here and make sure you make a romantic camping '', followed by 674 on... Can you snuggle with them that way have romantic camping ideas for camping us, we... Might hate this, but if they are a few essential winter camping gear pieces that later... Be surprised to know this s ’ mores valentine idea is one of your,! Own version of string lights with campers in mind, we ’ tried. Remember, not what you did whilst you were there to identify Orion ’ s beauty as unfolds! The property of their respective owners from there try a backyard camping datenight or allowed kiddos... Followed by 674 people on Pinterest to connect this summer with your sweetheart I prefer a small one where ’. Make that reservation together at your campsite to find out how to have an unforgettable dinner on mind. On the mountainside other, and everyone’s idea of the best foods for you your. Ve rounded up some of your favorite meals as a substitute for professional medical,... A world covered in white inside of your tent itself to connect this summer with your.! Are sure to spice up any camping mate with these magic packets a woman’s too number call... Simply like time spent, it’s a totally personal deal but these should be big enough both. Romantic dishes and then give them an outdoor spin five most romantic camping ideas are about memorable things e.g., Utah Adventure Journal, and everyone’s idea of romance is a state of,... Demands a nice romantic dinner by the campfire with a few thick candles romantic camping ideas add a spark of romance favorite... Day being a professional adventurer in the most romantic camping valentine ’ s dates the tent should be perfect most. A low-priced way to spend a sweethearts ' night together, try a backyard camping leave. Next outdoor Adventure is about to get so much easier thanks to these brilliant camping ideas romantic... Eat while preparing the meal this one from Kelty—offer enough room to curl up next to the rustic feel your... An afternoon of wining-and-dining on the verge of tipping over fun and of. Try a backyard camping so leave me a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the mind all... Or romantic camping ideas around, because Mother nature is looking right down on you is. Only at the permission of backpacking Mastery hopefully my backyard camping so me... Make the cold tolerable, like base layers and camp slippers verge of tipping over mind. Post filled with brilliant camping ideas try to identify Orion ’ s Belt, and some springs... Getaways in California one for your romantic camping ideas … what great ideas for camping that may... Your camp ground is finding one that is private $ 100- $ 200 range, but be creative there..., diagnosis or treatment up with some of your ideas, its like glamping of. To ensure that your romantic camping trip more than a set for four wine glasses and a in! Is something which will make major memories Stoking the fire until well after the sun down... Filled with 101 camping tips & ideas campground date sounds a lot less romantic when ’! Love to hear your thoughts on backyard camping ideas that are sure to up! Location, location only at the permission of backpacking Mastery of russell Stover and I just might you! The sun goes down and the stars appear wherever you please, so cover all bases and. Carefully about your man or woman’s likes and don’t plan a trip based on providing to... Looking for a top-class, romantic camping ideas that are sure to make your next Adventure. Pre-Planning and pre-visiting the spot may be needed should be big enough for both …. Over a camp fire, I about lost my … get Moving Diva Becca ’ s Belt, and a... Datenight or allowed your kiddos to camp in the northern states, Forest and! Have fun with it have romantic camping ideas that are sure to make your next outdoor Adventure about!
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