Today, Alpro is the pan-European market leader in branded soy food products with the brands Alpro (R) and. The company has a portfolio of over 50 international food brands which are sold across 90 countries globally, including Rowse Honey, Odlums, Batchelors, Jacob's, Balconi, and Kelkin.The business combines food production, brand development, distribution and sales. Officiell webbplats All-Pro Off-Road are The Toyota Rock Crawling Specialists Alpro är ett belgiskt livsmedelsföretag som tillverkar och säljer sojabaserade livsmedel.. Alpro grundades 1980 som en del av det belgiska familjeägda företaget Vandemoortele nv. About Alpro. For more than 25 years, Alpro has been championing health & wellness and a more sustainable way of producing tasty products that conserve the soy beans unique nutritional value. Alpro employs over 1200 people in Europe and has three production facilities in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Learn more about Danone's ownership through investors section. Provamel(R). Visit our website for more informations and stay aware thanks to our investment center Alpro is the European pioneer in the field of plant-based food and drinks. Externa länkar. Det ägs sedan april 2017 av det franska mejeriföretaget Danone. Are there any … If you are a Cafe Owner or barista in South Africa that would like to find out how you can apply for some free Alpro stock, scroll right to the bottom of this page and fill in the form. The company owns the two brands Alpro and Provamel. The company has been expanding the Alpro brand in Europe with new products like vegan ice cream. The highest quality Off-Road Parts and Accessories for Toyota Rock Crawlers. We sell our products in most European countries as well as in the Arabic region, Canada, Israel, Russia, South Africa and Turkey. The company specialises in Innovation, People Driven, Performance Oriented, Plant Based Food & Beverages, Sustainable Development with an estimated revenue and employee in the range of … [3] Mellan 2009 [4] och 2012 [5] ägdes företaget av det amerikanska Dean Foods.. Källor. Choose your country and preferred language to visit your Alpro website. Valeo Foods is an Irish multinational producer of branded food and beverage products. Perform detailed 'who owns what' company analysis for public equities with the most comprehensive global share ownership and profiles data in the industry. The Alpro almond milk and soya milk range is 100% plant-based, lactose free and contains vitamins and calcium. Alpro was incorporated in 1980 and is located in Gent, Belgium. Hi, we're Alpro! Alpro is a European company based in Ghent, Belgium that markets organic and non-organic, non-genetically modified, plant-based products, such as foods and drinks made from soy, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, rice, oats or coconut. Alpro is the European pioneer in soy-based products. Alpro will join forces with Danone Dairy as a key pillar of its new plant-based category, managed by Gustavo Valle, with the aim to expand and grow the plant-based category around the world. Where are you from?