Irradiated food Part IV of the Singapore Food Regulations provides standards and particular labeling requirements for the following product categories: Flour, Bakery and Cereal Products (regulations nos. 39 – 56) Aerating Ingredients (regulations nos. Acts of Parliament are available without charge, and updated monthly, at the Singapore Government Statutes Online website ... (CHAPTER 283, SECTION 56(1)) FOOD REGULATIONS ARRANGEMENT OF REGULATIONS PART I PRELIMINARY Regulation 1. The Food Regulations contain rules relating to food additives and their use in food and drinks manufactured, imported and sold in Singapore. The following is a list of the main types of food These Regulations may be cited as the Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations. Citation 2. The Food (Amendment) Regulations 2020 will come into operation on 3 April 2020. Singapore Food Regulations One of the most important legislation is the Sale Food Act (Chapter 283), and the Subsidiary Legislations of the Act include the following: Food Regulations Sale of Food (Composition of Offences) Regulations Sale of Food (Fees) Regulations Sale of Food (Food E stablishments) Regulations Product entering Singapore will be subjected to inspection in accordance with local regulations and will require the additional certification as if it were entering domestic commerce. A Singapore Government Agency Website. 57 - 58) Meat and Meat Products (regulations nos. Singapore inspection officials exempt shipments consigned to ship stores from local import regulations providing the consignment does not enter the country. 59 – 70) An Act to establish the Singapore Food Agency, to repeal the Agri‑Food and Veterinary Authority Act (Chapter 5 of the 2012 Revised Edition) and the Cattle Act (Chapter 34 of the 2002 Revised Edition), and to make consequential and related amendments to certain other Acts. The Sale of Food Act (Cap 283) ("SFA") and the Sale of Food Act (Food Regulations) (collectively “Food Regulations”) govern food quality and integrity… Understand the regulations on health supplements and permissible health claims before you import, sell or manufacture them in Singapore. ... Singapore Statutes Online is provided by the Legislation Division of the Singapore Attorney-General's Chambers. Definitions PART II ADMINISTRATION 3. This set of amendments makes changes to the existing microbiological standards for ready-to-eat (RTE) food, currently stipulated under Regulation 35 and the Eleventh Schedule of the Food Regulations. The Third Schedule to the Food Regulations is amended by deleting the full‑stop at the end of item (g) of the table in paragraph 1, and by ... Singapore Statutes Online is provided by the Legislation Division of the Singapore Attorney-General's Chambers. On Jan. 30, 2019, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) publicized Food (Amendment) Regulations 2019 [1], announcing changes to standards for food additives, contaminants and health claims.Food products available for sale on or after 1 February 2019 … FAQs | Feedback. An Act for regulating food to ensure that food for sale is safe and suitable for human consumption and to promote public health, for ensuring the provision of information relating to food to enable consumers to make informed choices and for preventing misleading conduct in connection with the sale of food. Fees 4. In these Regulations, “special purpose food” shall be a food named or described as particularly suitable for consumption by persons belonging to a particular class who require a special diet. Singapore.